by Bruno Molina




Integramente grabado en mi habitación durante diciembre de 2015.
Posteriormente mezclado y editado durante marzo y abril de 2016.
El mastering estuvo a cargo de Jó de Mi Mundo Solo durante mayo.
La idea de este nuevo disco fue usar la menor cantidad de recursos
posibles, hacer un disco minimalista donde existe la canción con la
menor cantidad de capas posibles, con los arreglos mínimos para
que el producto final fuera acorde a lo que cada canción necesitaba.
En esta oportunidad cuento con la participación de tres personas
a las que admiro profundamente y que son buenos amigos míos:
Diego Bravo: solos en las canciones 2 y 5
Jó: guitarras en la canción 3
Chelo Lares: Arte de tapa
su ayuda enriqueció de manera increíble este nuevo disco.
Por otro lado van a encontrar Algunos sintetizadores y demás
sonidos que grabé con un Kaoss pad.
Por lo demás, escucharán mis voces, guitarras, y baterías.


released May 25, 2016



all rights reserved


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Bruno Molina Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Busco el acorde perfecto,el beso eterno"

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Track Name: Spit The Words
I have been so tired much as i can say
Is there a friend akward on me?
And i forget to say how much i have been

I won´t fade this time now i spit the words

I been dreaming of, now i write this song
Is there a clime all day time, i tried so hard
And much as i can say i´ve allways be your friend
All the words i´m inside, all the words i become now

I won´t save your friend.
Track Name: All The Things I Said
There was a time when i was here
I drop them parts
Instead of love become of fear
I know they are drowned

There was a time when i was mean
I dropped myself
Be tuff strong and heal
My Clock has been drown

I´m tired to be faint
Because i am in your face
instead your final force
it´s cause I am in your face

In time i fall, don´t you raise your voice?
And now the clock is low inside this moan

So sorry now for all the things i said
Track Name: Wear a Suitcase
Daddy said to wear a suitcase as i fade in dawn
Is the time to wear it now if you walk or stay now
In the time of confusion all the words i´ve lost
I been searching for solution all i want is screw you down

In time i shoot you i want you back
Upcoming rainbow-skills you are always on your mind

Come over now time is running out
The clock has been turned away and you won´t survive
Coming to save words as they say it´s true
I know you won´t believe it now my time is dead and gone
Track Name: Warsaw Puke
I been struck by lightning every time the fire was in
Every time you force it every time i´m fading down the loose
Every time i´m trying this first time on first war too
I laugh and talking In warsaw that´s been were I loose

That´s puking stuff man! every turning light
That´s never circun-talking Oh! there´s nothing right about that

Feeling trapped by the hand goblins eating their own shoes
Pills and sort of lightning everytime i´m faking down the loose
Try to be your nothing every time i´m fading just away
Every faking timeless In warsaw that is were I puke
Track Name: Bert is Evil
I´ve been so tight and i feel pain
i´ve been enough around my faith
i´ve been enough and i feel faint about myself
And all the thoughts that wasn't there

You´ve been enough
You´ve always enough
Now you feel ashame

I been working for your voice i know its wrong
Time was passing through my body, mind and soul
The time i been with you is the worst time ever had
And now i find my yesterdays full of time

And now you know, space floats around you
Inside a gub, you will turn it slow