by Bruno Molina

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Realizar este mundo de canciones fue una de las experiencias mas
extensas que viví hasta hoy,no solo por lo prolongado de las
grabaciones, sino por los elementos y sucesos ocurridos en medio.
Grabado entre los meses de Enero y octubre en
diversas locaciones de Buenos Aires y córdoba.
Producido por Aguss Noice quien ademas se encargó de los
arreglos (guitarra en 2;coros en 9). Micaela avila (Violín en 3)
A mi cargo esta la ejecución de guitarras,bajos,teclado,Synth,voces,etc.
coros de 4,5,6 y 9 grabados en parroquia Nsr en junio de 2012.
Demás voces pertenecen al film "Faces"(john cassavetes, 1968)
La idea de Irreversible (que nada tiene que ver con Gaspar Noé)
es una concepción lineal del tiempo,donde solo se vuelve de
manera inconsciente a hurgar en el pasado.
Agradezco a todas las personas que me ayudaron en este mundo
nuevo y extraño,ya sea con los consejos,con su ayuda o sus
palabras,a todos,muchas gracias. BM



released November 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Bruno Molina Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Busco el acorde perfecto,el beso eterno"

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Track Name: Wolfpack
Misunderstanding the ones
i´m not assigned with the kings
upblood innocence the ones you know
know the one is me
stumble default(as far as it goes)
swell we note
as the king sleeps
mighty mirror told me
as delirium took him
mighty mirror...
Track Name: Time
outside the Climing high,stay outside
wait for someone else,the time surrender line
Was in time,some after you came...
Plug outside,you know,come the fur to dust
can hear myself at night,but now you know,
some can heard you scream...
Just waited outside to go,prayed at night
Prayed before they came...
Say it now,Save it force,save the time,evolve the ghost
Track Name: Earthbody
Machine snobs empire awake,it´s in your blood.
Machine is not parted away,the fish grabbed.
Down the fur
feel the loathe scabs,the love instead
between the loathe she´s gathering
meth but deabt,dream the love scabs
Track Name: Nothing (left itself)
Forget again the dream alive in your mind innoncence
you know the time has vent to thrill stay outside stay awake
padlock ignites the master key free your grind innocense
Nothing left itself
The time the fur ears ink aged,now the thoughts are the same
Track Name: Holden Caulfield
Beside the mother womb i bleed
ignite the pattern born instead
the psychopathic wounded flesh
a sacrifice upon myself
Track Name: Fell Like You
the time you´re right again,the time that i have sent
the time you wrote in pain, time is here to stay
explode can beat in debt now i´m deep in vain
fell like you,Feed me from your wounded flesh
Track Name: Innocence absent
Signals insight save me now
the time you rather innocense
here i come with toast and fers
No,the time was here too
fall ending hearts,never saw the course
the time in-out forever send the rope
fallending hearts never down below
Track Name: Serpent
Just on time,cross the ladder,to make snow
i sank donwtown cross the fire in the flesh
I sank innocence may i know the reason why i was drown...
nonsense take my hands back crucifies me,wrote me a letter
The serpent´s clotting by my harm
my finger nail work in the hour
no one will save you From above
before reminders lingers on
effects ant nerve emits the harm
steps right seven in the whole
this line is as empty as your heart
some words would fix you from sty
Track Name: The Foe
void jumpers lives inside me now I am the foe
come undone to heard the ladders still nowhere to go
all my thoughts,where i am,anyone can touch the ground
as i am, as you know, everyone is my scalp
the time is now in the fur (before i am the ground)
the time you broke myself in two(now i am the ground)
I am who know who dries your bones(never know who dries the bone)
i fly incert night again,plug again,fight again,I am someone inside
snake chrome as a tie,strings rotten inside,profane crowns as a jaw
take A train to cannal,wake sleepless shortcut,grime device of the grind