Plastic Bruno Band

by Bruno Molina

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En este álbum tuve el placer inmenso de invitar a varios amigos
a participar, en primer lugar porque las canciones requerían ciertos
matices y conocía exactamente quienes podían aportarlos.
Por otro lado canciones tan significativas para mi requerían un
aporte extra que, en esta oportunidad, no podían provenir solo de mi.
No tengo mas que palabras de agradecimiento para las personas
que con la mejor de las ganas se sumaron a darle su magia a estas
nuevas-viejas canciones que son muy especiales para mi.
Realmente y con todo mi corazón quiero agradecer:

*Chelo Lares
*Jo Mimundosolo
*Lola Maison
*Martin Aguirre
*Juliana Iglesias
*Luciana Azcona
*Emanuel Valdez
*Eugenio Jauregui
*Patricio Sloomant

Grabado en Junio de 2016, en mi casa.
Mastering a cargo de Psicopato en Yeta Records


released April 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Bruno Molina Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Busco el acorde perfecto,el beso eterno"

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Track Name: Misterious heart above
Unfold in the graveyard
I´m here to make your thumb
And here begin to come

I´m stoped on your step-mouth
Right here is where you´re done
Begin to see you wrong

Stop of unnamed darts
The fear of what you´ve done
The sea as the face you wore

The house of the step-mask
The seeds of what you want
Begin to see you rust

Now you know you never needed Shoes
I was ment to force
Now you know you never needed Shoes
Now you know I am
Track Name: We against the fire
I´m tired of being tired (I know who I am)
I´m built right a chain (Forever send the rope)
Folending scabbers (A fool is afraid)
Hold me i can´t take (Who can take?)

Come Back

I never know myself at least i try
I am no one i´m lost inside
I never know myself and i never be with you
Al least I try
Track Name: Lack of surprise
The shell in your eyes wood
The fake down inside
Uptight in the fire
The drain plugged outside

I forget
I regreat

Unsafe in the fire
My faith down he grind
The time I was tired
Step down the line

The key is the answer recall your name
Spitting the ashes unfolded fence
I´m never down the park
Asuming that you´re down below
I hadn´t know
Your name was in the park
Asume you get washed out
Track Name: Promises ment to die
Remember the time when i plead this century
in my own face
Restart in the Body
And then was time
I will plead and never stay away from her
Restart in time
And then was time
I will plead and never stay away from her
Restart in the body

When all the promeses ment you die
Forgive me into die
And I kown if I try to forget myself

When i was young i died
my time was Synthesized
I never know myself
release the line
Stick up to the end
I never know myself
At least I try

And I kown if I try...
Track Name: Disposable precious heart
I close an open door with all my clothes on gray
Between your empty Locker all your faking teeth
Inside my heart an evil cannibal awakes

Instead you find another
I will claim your day

Now my teeth are black as your baked heart
Now your angle is broken as you teeth and mouth
Stobbed from my back i would not survive