Surf Music From Hell

by Bruno Molina

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Grabado durante mayo de 2016 en José C Paz
Mezclado durante el mes de Septiembre en mi casa.
Masterizado por Jó (Mi mundo solo) en su casa de la montaña


released February 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Bruno Molina Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Busco el acorde perfecto,el beso eterno"

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Track Name: Misiles Macnamara
How many time have you been the foe?
All I know you´re watching
How many time have you been the foe?
All I Know you´re Wrong

Oh no! i will fade, i was born inside your dress
In my face i can´t hide, never Find my...
Now this time i will fade i sleep on sank
In my last dream ever i will find your love

Will I sleep in my death bed? All i know i´m dead
Instead of Finding me I found yourself
I am lost inside this body
If you ever find you mind please recall to stay
Track Name: The strangers
I´m dubbing down the police station
In the name of all the Gods
Use perception of your finger
From your lips and mouth-pills
All the spirits ground your name
Calling down Destruction

All the time has been here before
I can stand and watch it All ours is gone

I used to call when i was five years old
Now i stay in you own place
Load up your gun, filled up with cheese
Stay out in bed calling down Destruction

And i know you´ve been drown
All I want for you to calm
Please stay out with me
Every day the days are gone
All I want is you safe and hold
All ours is gone...

I eat your stars beacause I´d like to fade
What in the stars collapse your phasing phase?
Bringing you down, diggin´ you down my feet
You never know... you never Know....
And then your life is ruined away
Please stop to drink the past
Track Name: All my shoes
I found you died on me every day the tears are here
Every course i want to solve On no, that´s a shame
Every time you spin you way world´s gotta feel on me
All my tears have been your vains
All the sources from the bed

All my teeth are black and White everything is coming
Oh no I´m Black
All my shoes are black and White everything just coming
I puked your heart

This is not the end This is only Worring friends
Oh no i will die all my tears have been so far
All the yesterdays are me
I´m drowning down your vains
All I want for you to solve all the resoults have been...

All my shoes are bare and crowded
Everything just turned to dust all that I know
All my teeth are black and white
Everything just coming I know you´re drowned
Everything that turned away Oh no i´m fallin´
All I know you turned to black
All my shoes are black and crowded
Everything just turned to dust
On no I´m High!
Track Name: Everything
I have always been in debt by the things she said to me
Ever right there, i was waiting long to see

Every time I talked to was no lie about to be cruel
Every curse you´ve lied at them,
Was no lie because you then...

All i want is just to shoot your selfs
It happens...It happens...
Everything just got a place
Everything just ment to be
Evertything you shoot to you
Everything you shoot to...