The Inocents

by Bruno Molina

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Grabado durante Julio 2013 y enero de 2014.
en una computadora portátil en diferentes locaciones
Grabado, producido y mezclado por Bruno Molina.
Masterización: Jó de "Mi Mundo Solo"
Arte de tapa: Eugenia Seveso


released March 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Bruno Molina Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Busco el acorde perfecto,el beso eterno"

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Track Name: Myself
Turn to talking ´cause you run and falling on tuesday
in the knocking first of all you've never said the truth
I'm crawling into words of desperate feels
another man who runs and drowning on the lake
come over then my brother stops to save his tears
last longer then my father stops to play your chess

In the nasty place you call Myself
against the playground on default myself

on the faith on default, you've been knocked right here before
you´ve been lock against the door you become...

Before reminder lingers on myself
In the nasty place you called myself
Track Name: The unknown fall
Fear about unknown is the fall
hear intact ice chromed enforced
stayed can't talk my following vault
take the time you follow the heart

one attracted, entire innocent,wouldn´t i?

snakes can choke will beat up the bug
killing dogs they made up your mind
space unfolded unknowing the heart
eating gnats i´m fading enough
Track Name: Song for a rainy day
I fall in the windowspatch scratch and fold
I´m faking against the law It´s not enough
who´s taking the reservoir? Düsseldorf

I´m feeling pressed ,you know
I´m hold an tied to the floor
Is Holden in my pocket?

I fall again and crop the cops, a build indoor
i seek a tick and holding on, Düsseldorf
I´m faking i really now, i trust i´m done

i trust i´m done (And I´m done, Done.)
The voice inside my head
this is swallowing my body
the trust i´m done
Track Name: Hey Buddy
You've Chromed a slug, embracing all your trials
Anne Cutted the fence and flew it all apart
Don´t laugh at me, cause i can set the fire

When the dawn is your preety face you won´t eat buddy
you won´t able to know the unconsciousness

I know your dream you made up your mind
agnostic fronts infuse and understand
uncut your bends flowing up your heart

unfolded fence advise unpainted on the trash
I come back them alive unfaithful on the trust
unfolded fence advise and fading on the heart
Track Name: Not in the mood for cheese
Need the tasks need the names how the hell you´ve survived?
Now the heart kill the flesh who´s been able to know?
call the cops stay awake down the bed who can hide?
feel the heart feel the vains give a step right aside.

In the storm your cloud seems row insane
Now i feel done, enough enough, hear the sound i sing

Clean the blood in the door on the steps and the light
They arrived they are here lock the gate and you home
Be flock think like them and don´t be able to know
Ill the heart ill the flesh in the face who can hide?
Track Name: Belly full of bats
I come from downtown i´m from a dying airport
it´s real in my heart i´m holding my haircut
spill in my car unreal in this hate room
This feels in my heart i´m hold and tied to you

I am too late i speak in stutter
Daine my friend i speak in stutter

this veil in my heart from trying efforts
Unreal in the holt become my dying airport
my drown down the crow crop a dying mirror
This feels in my heart i´m hold and tied to you
Track Name: Prickpatch
I´ve got lost into the dark and i found out
I am tired inco-news and i felt done
Now i´m writing into my song and i jumped out
I can face into the world and i can back

I jumped out

In the time that i was born there´s not kits aid
I´m the face of dying off and you can´t start
Now i´m writing into my song and i jumped out
I´m a liar and a fool and i can´t stop
And i´m folling myself in space you drill
space right back in space you drill
stay right back keep nothing safe